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Drake - Bahamas Promises Lyrics

Bahamas Promises track from Drake's 2023 album "FOR ALL THE DOGS". Bahamas Promises Song written by Drake and Produced by Jahaan Sweet, Ray “Quasi” Nelson. The song was released on October 6, 2023.

cover art for FOR ALL THE DOGS album by Drake

Bahamas Promises Lyrics

Dogs, man
Yeah, For All The Dogs
Mm, oh-oh-oh, ayy-ayy

Hailey, it's sad that I know all the tea
Broken pinky promises, you fucked up our Bahamas trip
I know that you're not for me
I'm tired of your apologies
You put the "No" in monogamy (No)
You know that you're not for me
I'm slidin' down Black Creek
My friends say they wanna meet (But I don't have the energy)
But I don't have the energy 'cause, ooh
I'm tired of your apologies
Broken pinky promises, you fucked up my Bahamas trip
I know that you're not for me, Hailey
You're livin' in my mind for free
And for someone you don't miss, I sure feel like somebody you need
You ain't got nowhere to be
It's 'cause you should've been with me
The list of things we could've been
Guess I'll see you in my dreams
I'm fucked up off of T3
Promise I won't cause a scene
I got too much respect for me

Dogs, man
Yeah, For All The Dogs


Song Title: Bahamas Promises
Artist: Drake
Written By: Drake
Produced By: Jahaan Sweet & Ray “Quasi” Nelson
Release Date: October 6, 2023
Music Label: OVO Sound & Republic Records


The lyrics of "Bahamas Promises" convey a sense of disappointment and heartbreak. The singer addresses a person named Hailey, expressing sadness about broken promises and a failed trip to the Bahamas. The broken pinky promises symbolize a breach of trust and commitment in the relationship.

The singer is tired of apologies and acknowledges that Hailey is not the right match for them. There's a sense of frustration and emotional exhaustion, as well as a longing for the relationship that could have been.

The reference to Black Creek and declining invitations to meet friends suggests a withdrawal from social interactions due to the emotional toll. Despite the hurt, the singer seems to retain a level of respect for themselves.

The chorus reflects a mix of feelings—resentment, realization, and a sense of self-worth. The singer contemplates the missed opportunities and envisions encountering Hailey in dreams.

The overall theme revolves around the emotional aftermath of a failed relationship, with the singer processing the pain and attempting to move forward. Is there anything specific you'd like to discuss or explore further?


"Bahamas Promises" is a song by the Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter Drake, which was released as the tenth track from their eighth full-length studio album, "FOR ALL THE DOGS" in 2023.
There are total 23 tracks in FOR ALL THE DOGS, was released on October 6, 2023.

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