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Drake - Drew a Picasso Lyrics

Drew a Picasso track from Drake's 2023 album "FOR ALL THE DOGS". Drew a Picasso Song written by Drake and Produced by Young Troy, Tommy Parker, SAUCEboy, TheBoyKam, Dnny Phntm, 40, Eli Brown (Producer). The song was released on October 6, 2023.

cover art for FOR ALL THE DOGS album by Drake

Drew a Picasso Lyrics

(Baby, you know, you know, you know I need your love)

You cannot find no one better than this
Tryna do right by you, but we can't mix, I try
Takin' three months off, then fuckin' again
After you say we not fuckin' again
Never say "never," just say what it is
Act like you need some insurance on this
We didn't get here on accident
Don't make me bring out them racks again
Your two best friends are some savages
Damn, how many days has it been?
Swearin' it's different, not genuine
Movin' like Snoopy and Charlie Brown
Feel like you tryna dog the kid

You're mine
Too many reasons why
I can't picture you with him
That's just so embarrassin'
I want to diе, to die
I swear that I wanted you back thеn
Waitin' on you like a backend
You bad as fuck, ain't no cappin'
Statements you claimed never happened

This can't be the shit that you doin' to me
All of them nights you was slidin' around
Told me what niggas was doin' to you
That's the same shit that you doin' to me
You in the city, you laid up with him
While I'm on the road with no one to see
There's no way
(Baby, you know, you know, you know I need your love)

'Cause you cannot find no one better than this
Tryna do right by you, but we can't mix, I try
Fuckin' and argue and fuckin' again
After you said we not fuckin' again
Probably coulda made it work again if I
Was man enough to tell you you was wrong
Man enough to not put it in a song
For the world to sing along
Man enough, I coulda told you on my own
Man enough to admit that
Paragraph I sent last night, yeah, I probably shoulda never sent that
And when you layin' on your stomach, only time I ever wanna get my lick back
How the outsiders know the inside? They was never supposed to get that, nah

And that's just so embarrassin'
I want to die, to die

Ayy, I'm the one that you was wishin' for when you was married
That tale wasn't much of a fairy
Christmas, it wasn't at Mary
You a trophy to me like the Lary
Ayy, I'm the one that you was wishin' for
Ayy, I'm the one that you was wishin' for
In Miami and the owls with me like they just put my ass in Gryffindor
Mouth dry over twenty that I never bother gettin' no prescription for
Steve sayin' that you miss me and I won't say it to you, but I miss you more
Said we got each other back and then you put the knife in it like the kitchen drawer
Way I'm feelin' on this album, really took it easy on you, coulda written more
If the shoe was on the other foot and it was me, it woulda been guerilla war
Since you know I got a soft spot for you, this has turned into a civil war
Artists hittin' on you, broke as fuck, I swear them niggas probably live in Singapore
The athlete that you rollin' with, I saw his game last night, he didn't score
Fuck, I gotta say a little more
Show you spots you never been before
It's fucked up that we was goin' once and now you're goin' twice like a biddin' war
Why you act like just 'cause I go to the strip club, girl, that I don't love you?
You still listenin' to R Kelly in the whip, baby girl, and I don't judge you
I'ma end this shit and let the 40 beat play before snap
And Boobie Trap throwin' more bills than your baby daddy trap

Yeah, grrah


Song Title: Drew a Picasso
Artist: Drake
Written By: Drake
Produced By: Young Troy, Tommy Parker, SAUCEboy, TheBoyKam, Dnny Phntm, 40 & Eli Brown (Producer)
Release Date: October 6, 2023
Music Label: OVO Sound & Republic Records


"Drew a Picasso" by Drake reflects the intricacies and challenges of a relationship. The lyrics depict a mix of emotions, including frustration, regret, and a desire for reconciliation. The title "Drew a Picasso" suggests the complexity of the relationship, akin to the intricate and layered artwork of Pablo Picasso.

Drake explores the themes of trying to do right in the relationship, acknowledging mistakes, and grappling with conflicting emotions. The lyrics touch on issues of trust, infidelity.


"Drew a Picasso" is a song by the Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter Drake, which was released as the fourteenth track from their eighth full-length studio album, "FOR ALL THE DOGS" in 2023.
There are total 23 tracks in FOR ALL THE DOGS, was released on October 6, 2023.

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