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Drake - All The Parties Lyrics

All The Parties track from Drake's 2023 album "FOR ALL THE DOGS". All The Parties Song written by Drake and Produced by BNYX®, Boi-1da, Fierce (Producer), Coleman, Maneesh, Harley Arsenault, Jdolla. The song was released on October 6, 2023.

cover art for FOR ALL THE DOGS album by Drake

All The Parties Lyrics

Part I

Ayy, ayy

Yeah, Jason got money that glow in the dark
Hit up the dawg like I'm OVO Mark
Walk-in closet, got more Chrome in than Stark
Forty K a night to sleep at the Mark
Guess it’s time for me to cover the shark
Me and KD 'bout to turn up the art
Fuck you hoes, I swear I'm breakin’ your heart
It's broken
I bought the house just to knock that shit down
I bought the Rolls just to take it apart
She bought an ass, now she makin' it arch
Doctor's office was the last time that you niggas even had your name on a chart
Shawty graduated, playin' it smart (Ayy, yeah)

[Chief Keef:]
Used to be a smarty
Used to wanna study, now she poppin' Addies
She at all the partiеs, T'd up with 3Hunna
She just did her body, she in lovе with Sosa
Girl, you such a thottie
Ayy, Sosa, baby

Part II

Used to be a smarty
Used to wanna study, now I drop the addy
And she at all the parties, T'd up with 3Hunna
Showin’ off her body, she in love with Sosa
Girl, you such a thottie, ayy

Money on my mind, I’m rackin' my brain
Shout to Lil’ Palestine, she with the gang
Shout to lil' A1 from Foxwood and Jane
Shout to lil' Izzy, she work as a stewardess
I should probably go and get her the Plain Jane
Free Baby M out the shackle and chain
Me, my evil twin, we one in the same
Shout to Machine from the Wood, free 17 from the Lane
R.I.P. Smoke, it's a shame, I’m bumpin' 'em all in the Range
I love all y'all niggas the same, I wish this was back in the day, for real
Forty deep in the East End
We call it swimmin' in the deep end
My bitches playin' PND and them
The shorties only listen to Weeknd
They archin' back and makin' knees bend
And they ain't graduate but they geekin'
And they live in a crib with a cheap rent, yeah
And I wish I could dead all the beefin'
And I wish I could dead all the dissin' deceased friends
I wish we could be friends
Probably sound like I'm preachin'
The city might sleep in some peace then
But it's not realistic
What's realistic is money that we spend
We coppin' cars like policemen
We heavy guys like obese men
I keep showin' love to the streets and
It's still free the guys 'til they free men, yeah, yeah
And it's 6, our town a dead end world
East End boys and West End girls, yeah
East End boys and West End girls, ayy

Used to be a smarty
Used to wanna study, now I send the addy
And she at all the parties, T'd up with 3Hunna
Showin' off her body, she in love with Sosa
Girl, you need a hobby

This is the starchild, a.k.a. DJ Pooper Scooper
What's on top of the house? Roof
What's in the top of your mouth? Roof
What's Babe name? Roof
What do a dog say? Roof
We comin' to tear the what off? Roof
They raise your tax, we raise the roof
B.A.R.K. Radio


Song Title: All The Parties
Artist: Drake
Featuring Artist: Chief Keef
Written By: Drake
Produced By: BNYX®, Boi-1da, Fierce (Producer), Coleman, Maneesh, Harley Arsenault & Jdolla
Release Date: October 6, 2023
Music Label: OVO Sound & Republic Records


"All The Parties" by Drake and Chief Keef showcases a mix of Drake's lyrical finesse and Chief Keef's signature style. In Part I, Drake flexes his success and wealth, mentioning expensive lifestyle choices and highlighting his achievements. The reference to KD likely points to Kevin Durant, indicating a close relationship.

Chief Keef takes over in Part II, adding his raw and energetic touch to the track. The lyrics switch to a party scene, with references to different individuals and locations. Chief Keef's lines bring a street vibe, mentioning specific people and shoutouts, characteristic of his Chicago drill influence.

Overall, the song covers themes of success, lifestyle, relationships, and the contrast between past and present. The collaboration between Drake and Chief Keef creates a dynamic track with both artists contributing their unique styles to different sections of the song.


"All The Parties" is a song by the Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter Drake, which was released as the sixteenth track from their eighth full-length studio album, "FOR ALL THE DOGS" in 2023.
There are total 23 tracks in FOR ALL THE DOGS, was released on October 6, 2023.

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