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Drake - Screw The World Interlude Lyrics

Screw The World Interlude track from Drake's 2023 album "FOR ALL THE DOGS". Screw The World Interlude Song written by Drake and Produced by DJ Screw. The song was released on October 6, 2023.

cover art for FOR ALL THE DOGS album by Drake

Screw The World Interlude Lyrics

[DJ Screw:]
I never player hate
Uh, 'bout to screw the world
Fuck what you doin', you can't fuck with my crew

Screw the fuckin' world on up
Mr. Nine-Six, syrup in my cup
Bustin' down, smilin' 'round, and I got them girls
Mr. damn Screw, I would never be with you
Way back in the days, now I'm ballin', fuck a fade
I don't give a damn, and I'm pimpin', pushin' plays
Popped up, chopped, them boys ain't gon' like it
Fuckin' with the greatest, them boys, they'll spike it
I can tell you much, player drankin', damn sober
Never flippin' through the cut, we ain't, we ain't sober
Mr. Nine-Six, big bag of tricks
Right before your eyes, Screwed Up Click
My clique down with million, I'm down with the mean
My homies still drank, push the damn lid
I don't give a damn 'cause we all got a dub
Came up from a scrub, now I pull up
We go through the door to the floor
I'ma do it and I like to take my shit slow
Uptempo is the beat
I'm laid back and blowin' on a Sweet
Put your ass to sleep, do it


Song Title: Screw The World Interlude
Artist: Drake
Written By: Drake
Produced By: DJ Screw
Release Date: October 6, 2023
Music Label: OVO Sound & Republic Records


"Screw The World Interlude" pays homage to DJ Screw, the legendary creator of the "screwed and chopped" style of remixing in hip-hop. DJ Screw is known for slowing down the tempo of songs, adding chopped-up and repeated sections, and creating a distinct sound associated with the Houston rap scene.

In this interlude, DJ Screw asserts his individuality and disregard for negativity. He mentions sipping on syrup, a reference to the popular Houston hip-hop culture of consuming codeine cough syrup mixed with soda. The lyrics emphasize his success, transformation from the past, and a nonchalant attitude toward criticism.

The use of phrases like "Screw the world," "Screwed Up Clique," and "I'm laid back and blowin' on a Sweet" captures the essence of the Houston hip-hop culture and Screw's influence on it. The interlude reflects the confidence and swagger associated with the Screwed Up Click and the larger hip-hop movement in Houston during the 1990s.

Is there anything specific about this interlude or DJ Screw's style that you're curious about?


"Screw The World Interlude" is a song by the Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter Drake, which was released as the twelfth track from their eighth full-length studio album, "FOR ALL THE DOGS" in 2023.
There are total 23 tracks in FOR ALL THE DOGS, was released on October 6, 2023.

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