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Drake - AMEN Lyrics

cover art for FOR ALL THE DOGS album by Drake

AMEN Lyrics

[Teezo Touchdown:]
Father God
I come to you to say thank you
That's all, I won't ask for anything, I just wanna say thank you, Lord
Thank you

Prayin', prayin' (Thank you)
Pray again, pray again (Thank you, Father)
Prayin' (Thank you, Lord)
Prayin' 'til you find a man
That's gon' treat you
That's gon' treat you like I can (Amen, amen)
That's gon' please you
That's gon' please you like I can (Church)

[Drake & Teezo Touchdown:]
Church like a priest, Turks for the week
Purse for yourself, purse for your niece
Know you don't do Percs, baby, but (Take your time)
That's the perks of datin' me
Red Merces with the red seats
Buy red wig, part the Red Sea
With a neat freak, gettin' mess–
God, forgive me
Father, I've sinned
Sent more than your father ever sent
Spent more than your baby father did
Ayy, you my baby, so I gotta put you in the crib
Same neighborhood where Ashton Kutcher live
I'm just doin' what that punk should have did
(Thank you Lord)
She prayin' for me while I'm on the road
Prayin' for me while I hold her close
Prayin' that there's not no other girl
I'm prayin' that these girls'll never know
She prayin' asking God for a sign
I just went and paid her car note (Note—)

[Teezo Touchdown:]
Turn to your neighbor
Say "Neighbor"

Prayin', prayin' (Neighbor)
Pray again, pray again (Everybody, say it)
Prayin' 'til you find a man
That's gon' treat you
That's gon' treat you like I can
That's gon' please you
That's gon' please you like I can

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Song Title: AMEN
Artist: Drake
Featuring Artist: Teezo Touchdown
Written By: Drake, Teezo Touchdown, Sango, Budgie Beats & Rudolph Stanfield
Produced By: Sango, Budgie Beats & Teezo Touchdown
Release Date: October 6, 2023
Music Label: OVO Sound & Republic Records


"AMEN" takes the stage as the second track on Drake's album "FOR ALL THE DOGS," released on October 6, 2023. This collaborative piece features the talents of Drake and Teezo Touchdown. The writing credits are a collaborative effort by Drake, Teezo Touchdown, Sango, Budgie Beats, and Rudolph Stanfield, while the production is masterfully handled by Sango, Budgie Beats, and Teezo Touchdown.


In "AMEN," Teezo Touchdown begins with a heartfelt prayer, expressing gratitude to the divine. The lyrics weave a narrative of faith, love, and devotion. Drake then steps in, painting vivid images of life's luxuries and personal growth, alluding to the perks that come with being in a relationship with him. The reference to church, Turks, purses, and red Merces creates a tapestry of opulence and devotion.

The theme of forgiveness and redemption is prevalent, with Drake acknowledging his imperfections and seeking spiritual absolution. The interplay of Teezo Touchdown's prayers and Drake's verses adds a unique dynamic, creating a balance between the spiritual and the material aspects of life.

The outro, seemingly a snippet from a phone call to Mercedes Benz in Beaumont, adds an intriguing touch, leaving listeners with a sense of mystery and curiosity. "AMEN" isn't just a song; it's a musical journey that seamlessly blends prayer, introspection, and the allure of life's indulgences. As the second installment in the album, it hints at the diverse stories yet to unfold in the tracks that follow.

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