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Drake & Bad Bunny - Gently Lyrics

Gently track from Drake's 2023 album "FOR ALL THE DOGS". Gently Song written by Drake, Bad Bunny, OZ, Nik D, Gordo and Produced by OZ, Nik D, Gordo. The song was released on October 6, 2023.

cover art for FOR ALL THE DOGS album by Drake

Gently Lyrics

My G, Tití came VIP with a baño
Baby, my wrist is from Casablanco
Me gusta su sonrisa aunque me haga daño
I live like Sopranos, Italianos
I've been El Chico for cincuenta años
Me gusta su culazo perreando
Le da hasta abajo, le gusta este tamaño
Dale, Papi Champaño, jheez
Ah, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh

Either I slow down the trip or I speed up the visa
Mi nah wan' leave ya
Grab Eliza, bring her to Ibiza
Introduce you to Richie, aquí va
My broski Benito, he needs a bonita
A freak, bien loquita
Crazy booty, mi amor, mi amiga
Ella sabe que está bien rica

[Bad Bunny:]
¿Usted se cree que quiero que me invierta mi dinero en la 42 donde la gente está bailando dembow?
Ey, ja, ey, ey, ey
Ay, santo, Dios mío, qué acicale
En RD están to's mis cueros, en PR to'a las gyales
Las mías se roban el show si sale
To's quieren ser yo, pero no les sale

En Casa de Campo, chucky, en México ando bélico
Baby, vo'a joderte el cosmético
Trépate encima, ponme la skimask
Bajen la luz y cierren la cortina
Que no quiero video, estoy harto de la foto
Estoy harto de to'l mundo, meno' de ese toto, de ese toto, je
Meno' de ese toto, de ese toto, je, ey
Botella de champaña yo las descorché
Me puse bellaco cuando la escuché
Decirme "papi" adentro 'e la Porsche
Fuck, mami, holy shit
Qué rico tú chinga', je
Las boris me piden bicho, las cubana' quieren pinga
"Fuck me so good", me dice la gringa
Mami, te pasaste, ey

La baby tiene marido y no me dijo na', je
Tranquila, eso no e' na'
Doscienta' botella y por ahí vienen má'
Por ahí vienen má'
La baby tiene marido y no me dijo na', je
Tranquila, eso no e' na'
Mucha' bebecita y por ahí vienen má'
Por ahí vienen má'


Song Title: Gently
Artist: Drake
Featuring Artist: Bad Bunny
Written By: Drake, Bad Bunny, OZ, Nik D & Gordo
Produced By: OZ, Nik D & Gordo
Release Date: October 6, 2023
Music Label: OVO Sound & Republic Records


"Gently" by Drake featuring Bad Bunny combines English and Spanish lyrics to create a bilingual track. The song explores themes of love, desire, and the lavish lifestyle associated with fame and success.

Drake's verses touch on his experiences, mentioning his extravagant lifestyle, international travels, and encounters with women. He expresses a preference for a laid-back and luxurious lifestyle, referencing specific locations like Casa de Campo and Mexico. The use of Spanish phrases and references adds a Latin flavor to the song.

Bad Bunny's verse emphasizes his nonchalant attitude towards societal expectations and his enjoyment of a carefree, hedonistic lifestyle. He mentions encounters with women, luxury cars, and the desire for a stress-free existence. The bilingual and culturally rich lyrics showcase the artists' versatility and global appeal.

The overall vibe of "Gently" is a mix of Caribbean and Latin influences, creating a catchy and upbeat track that blends hip-hop.


"Gently" is a song by the Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter Drake, which was released as the nineteenth track from their eighth full-length studio album, "FOR ALL THE DOGS" in 2023.
There are total 23 tracks in FOR ALL THE DOGS, was released on October 6, 2023.

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