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Stormzy - Holy Spirit Lyrics

cover art for This Is What I Mean album by Stormzy

Holy Spirit Lyrics

If you knew the pressure
The pressure on my shoulders
Father, help me hold this
'Cause I can't bear the pressure
If you knew the burdens
The burdens are so heavy
But Lord, you made me ready
To carry all my burdens
And if you knew the power
The power that's inside me
What's mine cannot pass by me
Mighty God, Almighty

Hold me close, fill me with your presence
Holy Ghost and spirit
Father God, I found it
Lord, keep me surrounded

Isn't it amazing
That faith was all we needed?
To find the missing pieces
Oh, I've been searching for my Jesus (Pieces, yeah, yeah)
Times when I felt worthless
You gave me peace and purpose
Although I don't deserve it (Don't deserve it)
Although I'm far from perfect (Far from perfect)

I need you to hold me close, fill me with your presence
Holy Ghost and spirit
Father God, I found it
Lord, keep me surrounded

Holy Spirit, I don't know what this is
So drained, it's the feelin' You give, oh Lord
Came in and He filled me with bless
It's a feeling I don't wanna resist, oh Lord
Holy Spirit, show me the way
Hold me with Your tightest embrace, oh Lord, You
You will never lead me astray (No, no)
Now I am no longer afraid
You're the reason why I pray
Fill me with the light of day
When You hold me in Your arms
It makes me feel some type of way
Know You'll be there when I call
Lord of all
Oh-ooh-woah, oh-oh

If You knew my story
Lord, what do You have for me?
(What do You have for me?)
You make me feel so hopeful (Hopeful)
I'm just glad I know You (Know)
I'm so glad I know You, You, You, You
I'm so glad I know You, You

Details About Holy Spirit Song

Song Title: Holy Spirit
Artist: Stormzy
Written By: Stormzy, Dion Wardle & PRGRSHN
Produced By: PRGRSHN & Dion Wardle
Release Date: November 25, 2022
Music Label: Def Jam Recordings

Knowledge & Facts

"Holy Spirit" track from third studio album "This Is What I Mean" by British rapper, singer and songwriter Stormzy, and this album is Stormzy's first album in 2022.
There are total 12 tracks in This Is What I Mean album, was released on 25 November, 2022.
You can buy Vinyl album on Amazon "This Is What I Mean Vinyl Album"

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