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Mitski - I Don’t Like My Mind Lyrics

I Don’t Like My Mind track from Mitski 2023 album "The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We". I Don’t Like My Mind Song written by Mitski and Produced by Patrick Hyland. The song was released on September 15, 2023.

cover art for The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We album by Mitski

I Don’t Like My Mind Lyrics

I don't like my mind
I don't like being left alone in a room
With all its opinions about
The things that I've done
So, yeah, I blast music loud
And I work myself to the bone
And on and inconvenient Christmas
I eat an cake

A whole cake, all for me
Ooh, aah

And then I get sick and throw up
And there's another memory that gets stuck
Inside the walls of my skull
Waiting for its turn to talk
And it may be a few years
But you can bet it's there, waiting still
For me to be left alone in a room
Full of things that I've done

A whole cake, so please don't take
Take this job from me
A whole cake, so please don't take
Take my job from me


Song Title: I Don’t Like My Mind
Artist: Mitski
Written By: Mitski
Produced By: Patrick Hyland
Release Date: September 15, 2023
Music Label: Dead Oceans


"I Don't Like My Mind" by Mitski delves into themes of self-criticism, escapism, and the struggle with one's own thoughts and memories. Here's an interpretation of the song's meaning based on the lyrics:

1. Discomfort with One's Thoughts: The song begins with the singer expressing discomfort with their own mind. They don't like being alone in a room with their thoughts, which seem to be filled with critical opinions about their past actions.

2. Coping Mechanisms: To deal with this discomfort, the singer turns to music and hard work. They blast music loudly and work tirelessly, possibly as a way to drown out or distract themselves from their own thoughts and self-judgment.

3. Escapism: The mention of eating a whole cake, especially on an "inconvenient Christmas," can be seen as a form of escapism. It's a way to temporarily escape from the thoughts and memories that trouble them. However, this escapism is not without consequences, as it leads to sickness.

4. Cycles of Memory: The lyrics allude to the idea that memories of past actions and mistakes keep resurfacing, even if it takes years. These memories seem to haunt the singer, waiting for a moment when they are left alone with their thoughts.

5. Job as a Metaphor: The repeated lines "A whole cake, so please don't take, take this job from me" can be seen as a metaphor. The "job" might represent the singer's attempts to cope with their thoughts and memories. The cake, in this context, is a temporary relief from that "job."

Overall, "I Don't Like My Mind" conveys a sense of inner turmoil and the struggle to cope with self-criticism and memories of past actions. The singer employs various methods to escape from these thoughts, but they recognize that the memories persist and continue to affect them, making it difficult to be alone with their own mind. It's a contemplative and introspective song about the challenges of self-acceptance and self-forgiveness.


"I Don’t Like My Mind" is a song by the American singer and songwriter Mitski, which was released as the fourth track from their seventh studio album, "The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We" in 2023.
There are total 11 tracks in The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We, was released on September 15, 2023.

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