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Drake & 21 Savage - Hours In Silence Lyrics

cover art for Her Loss album by Drake & 21 Savage

Hours In Silence Lyrics

Leave your phone, come to mine
You'll catch a hand in due time
I think, think that I
Could fuck the idea of him outta your mind
You said he rap, he ain't signed, that ain't a good sign
Change your mind, good conversation and some rosé wine
Honest, there's some other things you gotta mind
You mind me, ayy, ayy
The smoke got me talkin' in Dutch
A pill in Ibiza, so what?
She leanin' on me, I'm her crutch
She creamin' on me, I'm her crush
Her photos don't need a retouch
She askin' why haven't I nut
I didn't know we in a rush
Enjoyin' the moment, so hush
My album was payin' her bills
I don't evеn need a deluxe
Her stomach is flat as fuck
Shе still fit that shit in her gut somehow
The fat musta went in her butt somehow
I don't even ask her what's up
She sayin' that shit is natural
Don't care if she makin' it up
I never put you in no Uber, girl
I'm always gon' send you a truck
I'm always gon' keep it a buck
You give me that shit and I'm stuck

[21 Savage:]
.30 on my waist
'Cause a lotta broke niggas 'round the way ridin' 'round town
And they lookin' for my face
Gotta pray to God above you, girl, you know that Savage love you
And I hope that you feel the same
Tryna be the one for you, but my nickname true
And I hope that I can change
Girl, you know that Savage love you, girl, you know that Savage love you

Gotta turn my bitch up, turn my bitch up
Turn my bitch up, turn my bitch up
Turn my bitch up, turn my bitch up
Turn my bitch up, turn my–
Know I gotta turn my bitch up, turn my bih, T-T
Turn my bih, T-T, turn my bih
Gotta turn my bitch up, turn my– (Ayy)

I gotta stop goin' Van Cleef, condo, 3rd week
I like it, but I'm too geeked, tryna turn you up
I gotta stop goin' Lenci', Rollie, 1st week
You're misreadin' me, I'm too geeked, tryna turn you up
You were lost until me
I didn't get no finder's fee
You're actin' like a bride-to-be
Behind closed doors, slimin' me
Friends are all advisin' me
Sayin' I could die tryna turn you up
There's 3 sides to this story, girl
The one you subtweet
The one your group chat gets to read
The one you come and tell to me
I understand it finally
I'm tryin' to give you highs and you're plannin' our goodbyes
But I turn you up
It's my fault
Burnin' cash like it's lit on fire
Penthouse and some new attire
I fulfilled all of your desires
You don't work, but you act retired
'Cause you know that you're mine and it's my fault
It's my fault
It's my fault, for once I take accountability
It's my fault that you got superpowers on your knees
It's my fault for once, don't keep you grounded on your feet
It's my fault for once, I drain accounts to make you love me
It's my fault for once, it's one-sided loyalty
My fault for once, I'm payin' lawyer fees
Doin' things just to set you free, see you breathe
It's my fault for once, I got the Wagon, G
Got you ridin' 'round with niggas that are nothin' like me
It's my fault for once, that's how you make it seem
It's my fault, it's my fault

You were lost until me
You were lost until me, mm-mm, mhm-mm
You were lost until me

My confidence is super low
Baby M, you know I got a heart of gold
You pawned that shit and hit the road, baby
For goodness sakes, at this rate
Your funeral is finna have like 10 caskets on display
1 for you, the other 9 for everything you're takin' to the grave
You don't play, you don't, you don't, you
You don't play no games
There's 3 things I learned from love for free
Only thing really worth chasing is a dream
People don't know you play your roles on screen
Messy, started gettin' trendy, gotta keep it clean
You know I keep it clean
Clean as I can
All weapons formed against me gotta jam
Brought you 'round the dawgs, treat you like the fam'
Shoulda been a wham, bam, thank you ma'am
Know you got my confidence on sale
Case you wanna feel better 'bout yourself

You were lost until me
You were lost until me

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Details About Hours In Silence Song

Song Title: Hours In Silence
Artists: Drake & 21 Savage
Written By: Drake, 21 Savage, Nyan, Mcevoy, 40, Noel Cadastre, Daniel East & DJ Paul
Produced By: Nyan, Mcevoy, 40, Noel Cadastre & Daniel East
Release Date: November 4, 2022
Music Label: OVO Sound & Republic Records

Knowledge & Facts

"Hours In Silence" track from collaborative studio album "Her Loss" by Canadian rapper Drake and Atlanta-based rapper 21 Savage.
There are total 16 tracks in 'Her Loss' album, was released on 4 November, 2022.
You can buy MP3 album on Amazon "Her Loss MP3 Album"

Hours In Silence Song Lyrics, information and Knowledge provided for educational purposes only. WayToLyrcs don't own any rights. Song lyrics, video & Image are property and copyright of their owners (Drake, 21 Savage and their partner company OVO Sound & Republic Records).

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