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Sabrina Carpenter - emails i can't send Lyrics

Sabrina Carpenter emails i can't send Lyrics - emails i can't send Song Sung By Sabrina Carpenter, This Song Is From Sabrina Carpenter (2022) "emails i can't send" Album.

cover art for emails i can't send album by Sabrina Carpenter

emails i can't send Lyrics

It’s times likes these
Wish i had a time machine
So i could see
What you did
October 13th
At 10:15
Were you really asleep?
were you lying to me
And the family
There’s no us in us
When I’m lacking trust
you wanna discuss
Ugh You disgust me
Don’t make me cuss you out
why’d you let me down
don’t say sorry now
And thanks to you i
I can’t love right
I get nice guys
And villainize them
Read their texts like
They’re having sex right
Now scared I’ll found out
That it’s true and
If i do
Then I blame you
For every worst
that i assume
When I’m 45
Someone calls me their wife and
He fucks our lives
In one selfish night
Don’t think I’ll
Find forgiveness
As fast as mom did
and God i love you
But you’re such a dipshit please
Fucking fix this
cause you were all i looked up to
Now i can’t even look at you

Details About emails i can't send Song

Song Title: ​emails i can’t send
Artist: Sabrina Carpenter
Written By: JP Saxe, Julia Michaels & Sabrina Carpenter
Release Date: July 15, 2022
Music Label: Island Records

Knowledge & Facts

emails i can’t send song from Sabrina Carpenter fifth studio "emails i can’t send" album.
There are total 13 tracks in this album 3 tracks already released in previous months full album released on 15 July, 2022.
You can buy album CD from Amazon "emails i can't send Album CD"

emails i can’t send Song Lyrics, information and knowledge provided for educational purposes only. WayToLyrcs don't own any rights. Song lyrics, video & Image are property and copyright of their owners (Sabrina Carpenter and his partner companys Island Records & Universal Music Group).

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