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Jazmine Sullivan - Jazzy’s Tale Lyrics

Jazmine Sullivan - Jazzy’s Tale Lyrics

Jazzy’s Tale Lyrics

I think I've stayed in most of my relationships too long
I was chasing a love and a life that I grew up seeing with my parents
So it was moreso about an idea in my head than the actual relationship that I had
Also, I just didn't wanna be alone
Growing up a brown skinned girl, a fat girl
Essentially growing up feeling undesirable
When I got older and I had a man that desired me
It validated me, and made me feel good about myself
Therefore, the content that the validation brought me
Was worth the actual pain that the relationship eventually brought
And it's a sad, scary, and vulnerable place
When you need to feel love so much that you're willing to accept anything

Details About Jazzy’s Tale Song

Song Title: Jazzy’s Tale
Artist: Jazmine Sullivan
Written By: Jazmine Sullivan
Produced By: MANMAN (USA)
Release Date: February 11, 2022
Music Label: RCA Records

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